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Design Services

Kris’s other great passion (fabrics are her first) is the building process and we understand the time and budgetary restraints of renovations and new builds.

A Blind Pash Interiors aim to make the design process professional, friendly enjoyable and ultimately rewarding.

Design concept development for renovations and new buildings

So you've made the big decision to build or renovate. Where to now?

A Blind Pash Interiors can help ensure that you're vision is translated to the finished product. We will be involved from the commencement of the project working with your architect and builder to help co-ordinate the interior scheme that works best with the architectural design and construction of your home. We can provide advice on your plans, particularly on the critical areas of kitchen and bathroom design, as well as source and specify fixtures and fittings including lighting, flooring and colour.

Project Management

Many of our clients are time poor and can find the entire process overwhelming. We are able to manage your project, communicate ideas with tradesmen and resolving problems as they arise, to save you time and keep your project on track and budget.

Our co-ordination and project- management services typically cover activities such as sourcing and specifying products and quotes, attending site meetings, liaison with builders, suppliers and subcontractors.

Custom cabinetry

More storage is a constant requirement in the modern home, be it a single entertainment unit, bathroom vanity, laundry fit-out, library bookshelves or a complete kitchen.

As a qualified interior designer, Kris is able to prepare working drawings in-house and liaise with our wonderful cabinetmakers to offer a complete service, including manufacture and installation.

We will meet with you to listen to your needs and then design and document your cabinetry requirements to produce designs that will be both practical and enhance the overall appearance of your home.

Kitchen design

Today’s kitchen is more than just a place to cook – it’s the hub of the house.

We meet with you, listening to your needs, discussing design options and advising on everything from appliances, storage, door and bench top finishes, colours, tiles and lighting. We then design and document your kitchen and work with our cabinetmakers to offer a complete service, from design and manufacturing to installation.

Bathroom design

The number of decisions that need to be made when designing a bathroom can be daunting. We can work with you to develop a custom bathroom design, assisting you in the critical selection of fixtures, fittings and tiles. We can also work with you to develop custom design vanities and cabinetry for your bathroom.

Scaled layout plans

An important part of successful interiors is planning how to best layout the room. To help you visualise your interior, we can develop a scaled furniture layout plan from your floor plan or a site measure.

Hard surface / finishes selection and specification

By selecting and co-ordinating your interior / exterior finishes we can take the confusion and frustration associated with such tasks away. We can offer advice on the following:

· Floor coverings – tiles, timber, carpet, vinyl and rugs
· Joinery – countertops, paint finishes, laminates, decorative details
· Splashbacks – glass, tiles, pressed metal
· Wall coverings – paint, wallpaper, feature walls
· Window treatments – blinds, shutters, curtains etc

We will select suitable product options, provide samples for your approval and prepare a detailed specification for your builder.

Fittings & fixtures selection and specification

A Blind Pash Interiors can also assist you with the selection of fittings and fixtures. These can include:

· Door and window hardware
· Bathroom, kitchen and laundry fittings – baths, toilets, sinks, taps, towel rails etc
· Lighting
· Appliances
· Fireplaces / Mantles

We have a great library of products available for traditional or contemporary interiors.

Lighting plans

Light can add a whole new dimension to your interior, enhancing mood and ambience. A Blind Pash Interiors can provide advice on your lighting requirements and source & supply a vast range of products:

· Wall lamps
· Recessed lighting
· Pendants
· Table and floor lamps
· Chandeliers
· External lighting

We can work with you at plan stage to ensure you have the best lighting plan for your requirements, inside and out, in the following categories: ambient lighting, accent lighting, task lighting and decorative lighting.

Commercial Projects

At A Blind Pash Interiors, we can help your business, big or small, to achieve a design solution that best suits your commercial environment. Key elements of this may include:

· Retail store environments
· Boutique Hotel / Resort interiors
· Display homes and executive apartments
· Retiree communities
· Golf and other sporting clubs


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